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F≫st® NLP 4in1 Certification Training
Mar 03, 10:00 AM
Chiswick High Road, Chiswick High Rd, London, UK
Dates 4days NLP 3-6th March 7days NLP 3-6th & 11-13th March It's simple to start: - Complete registration and YOU start learning straight away, with our 55hr study pack. - Complete 7 days in class for 4 certifications. or - the first 4 days for 1 certification.
Create Your Desirable Future Now
Feb 20, 10:00 AM – Feb 21, 5:00 PM
Chiswick High Road, Chiswick High Rd, London, UK
This workshop is now full. The powerful ‘Creating Your Future™’ program, helps you release the abundant, untapped resources you have inside. It guides you to the people and solutions you need to create a bright, compelling future.

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