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"It's important to be the driver in your life and YOU are the only person that can (and should)."

My Wellness Guru Training Schools are about you, because you are your own wellness guru and together as part of our NLP certification courses, you can empower yourself to elevate and accelerate a life that is moving towards and achieving YOUR goals."

Master your life

and build lasting relationships 

Understand more about your unconscious mind, master your life and create success using 20% strategy and 80% psychology.  My Wellness Guru Life or Business Coaching together we understand YOUR perception and projection of the world.  This is influenced by what you see, think, eat, work, do, go, aspire, create and experience alone or with others and this is stored in your unconscious mind on a second to second basis.  Sub-sequentially all this stored information creates your behaviours, beliefs and values and as everybody is different.  To succeed in understanding yourself, your partner, your family or your team and your guest's needs, it takes advanced skills and self management. Great news is, you can learn these skills and use as a resource for the future.


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