What's in it for you?

Learn the language of the mind (NLP), how to release limiting and negative emotions with Time Line Therapy® and how to create a motivating, learning environment with Hypnotherapy.

For a Company:

In pursuit of excellence to

  • Develop leaders vs followers.

  • Arm your team with advanced communication and influencing skills, to navigate successfully through current times.

  • Elevate employee engagement and stabilise turnover rates.

  • Team value alignment.

  • Create your desired future now.

  • Build confidence in articulation, engagement skills and improve relationships.

  • Gain your own laser sharp clarity on how to take action, to get what you want.

  • Learn something new, advance your knowledge and/or meet new people.

  • Create a new business and adjust your success trajectory.

  • Self improve to then help others feel good about themselves.

For You: 

It's easy to be busy keeping your cup full; perhaps busy helping others before yourself, but  busy isn't creating space to learn, develop and advance yourself, your life, career or your relationships.

It's your time, make this about you.

Tue, Nov 17
Exact times for Online/In-Class times TBC
NLP F≫st® 4in1 Certification Training
We are excited to launch our new hybrid online/class training - Register online to start learning straight away, we will send your 55hr home study kit. - To certify successfully complete live webinars and assessments from 17.11.20 7 days for 4 certifications or 4 days for 1 certification.

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